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Delivering Massive Value (Hardcover)

Delivering Massive Value Cover Image
By Matthew Jarvis, Andrew Bell (Designed by), Josh Raab (Editor)
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If all the practice consultants and marketing experts have such great ideas to share, why aren't they using them to run their own successful practices? Finally, a book that offers not just ideas but proven strategies for transforming any financial practice into a highly effective value-delivering machine. Practicing financial advisor Matthew Jarvis uses these exact strategies to run his own wildly successful investment firm. Delivering Massive Value outlines a system you can actually replicate to increase your business's efficiency, attract more A-level clients, and build the practice of your dreams. You'll find:

  • Client scripts your team can use today
  • The trials and tribulations of Jarvis' rise to success
  • Simple but powerful ways to consistently offer your clients more value (while taking more vacations)
  • Everything the "investment gurus" won't tell you about what really works
  • Running a top-class investment practice doesn't mean playing the stock market, it means working with a winning system.

Say goodbye to underwhelming accounts, after-hours appointments, and endless frustration-with Delivering Massive Value, you'll learn a reliable system that will help you deliver more value to your clients than you ever thought possible.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798986026060
Publisher: Perfect Ria, LLC
Publication Date: November 21st, 2022
Pages: 306
Language: English