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Behind The Bullet Points: The Surprising Secrets Of Powerful Presentations (Paperback)

Behind The Bullet Points: The Surprising Secrets Of Powerful Presentations Cover Image
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Dr. Don Descy explains how to prepare your presentation and visuals and also what to do before, during and after your in-person or virtual presentation, speech or keynote. He accomplishes this with examples, worksheets and personal anecdotes and experiences.

Some topics that will be covered include:

✓How to analyze your audience in order to put them at ease and efficiently get your message across
✓How to make sure that you will never have to worry about forgetting to say what you want to say
✓How to be at ease and make your audience feel at home with you whenever you present
✓How to motivate your audience
✓How to prepare for and answer questions
✓How to craft visuals that get your message across with a minimum of distraction to your specific audience and venue
✓Subconscious ways to present your message to influence your audience
✓How to prepare for a virtual meeting
✓How to overcome the biggest problems with virtual meetings

Much of what Dr. Descy goes over is research based and cited for further reading allowing you to delve deeper into subjects of interest. Don will challenge many of the ideas and concepts you have learned about public speaking. After he received a university appointment he found that he not only had to "publish or parish" but in his department it was also "present, present and present or parish"

He now has over 500 presentations under his belt in the North America, Europe and Asia. Such an emphasis on presenting, forced him to study and master the art of public speaking. In his folksy style he lets you in on all of the biggest secrets of public speaking, including the most extraordinary one of all... how to enjoy it

Focusing on two main principles you have to remember, he helps you become a stress-free, calmer and more confident power presenter. You will learn to give successful, enjoyable and pressure free presentations whether in person or virtual It took Dr. Descy 10 years to hone the skills needed to become a master presenter. It will take you just the time it takes to read this book for you to familiarize yourself with the skills needed to become a power presenter. By the time you are finished reading this book you will even want to try your hand

Just follow the simple steps and principles outlined here and you will produce a great presentation that the audience will love and... you will actually enjoy presenting All of this is put in a handy pocketsize book so you can take it with you just in case you feel that a little extra coaching is needed. Don can't be there but this book can be.

This special edition also contains 11 printable PowerGuide worksheets for you to use and complete before and after your presentation.
PowerGuide 1: Audience Analysis
PowerGuide 2: Know the Room
PowerGuide 3: Planning Your Presentation
PowerGuide 4: Your Prep Bag
PowerGuide 5: Arrival Checklist
PowerGuide 6: Who and I?
PowerGuide 7: Meeting the Audience
PowerGuide 8: Reducing Anxiety Checklist
PowerGuide 9: Rehearsal Checklist and Comments
PowerGuide 10: Time to Review Your Presentation
PowerGuide 11: Virtual Presentation or Meeting Prep Sheet

A special chapter on virtual and online meeting, conferences and webinars includes tips and techniques to power your online presence to be a cut above the others.

You have everything you need to be a Power Presenter in one neat book

Product Details
ISBN: 9798578511905
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 18th, 2020
Pages: 188
Language: English