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Out of Hours (Paperback)

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A series of events takes us away from our quiet Welsh seaside town, Barry Island, to several countries across Europe. Aided by London's notorious East End gangster, Bootsie Burns, and Isobelle Omerta, who runs her West End escort agency to help us recover our stolen diamonds back from Romanian criminals on the Isle of Dogs with brutal consequences.
A chance meeting in Milan with Jacques Couture's friend, Oralik Kalashnikov, both ex French Foreign Legionnaires, Oralik proposes a daring heist on the Mus e du Louvre. But there are obstacles to overcome first. Testing times call for drastic measures and our gang is going to be tested to their limits as situations start to spiral out of control crossing paths with a Russian mafia boss.
Myself, Bernie, Mick nor Melody with her narcissistic behaviours which are becoming progressively more pronounced couldn't have prepared ourselves or foretold how these events would unfold over the coming year to the extent that we would have to go too to gain what most of us love the most, money. In these series of enduring events that will emotionally detach each of us from our civilised society with each of our lives becoming more infested, more barbaric, more bizarre with each unexpected turn of events and the extreme lengths that we will have to go to hold onto our freedom, our sanity, our morals, ethics and principles that will strain, drain, frighten, sicken and at times demoralise our very souls as they will yours.

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ISBN: 9781788485661
ISBN-10: 1788485661
Publisher: Austin Macauley
Publication Date: June 30th, 2022
Pages: 322
Language: English