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Another Marine Reporting, Sir!: Sea Stories: A memoir told anonymously (Paperback)

Another Marine Reporting, Sir!: Sea Stories: A memoir told anonymously Cover Image
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A collection of 89 true stories written by a diverse group of US Marine Corps Officers from The Basic Training School Class Alpha I-80. These are stories are a mix of fun, unimaginable, sad, devastating, hysterical, and inspirational.

If you are looking for a book that places our beloved Marine Corps on a pedestal of love to which we all bow incessantly, please move on. But if you want to read a book written by Marine officers who shared many politically incorrect yet totally true stories of their time in the Corps, then you must read this. You will laugh and you'll maybe even shed a tear, but you'll see a side of the Marine Corps you may not have expected to see. But it all happened. TH

Inspirational I love these guys and their stories. Heroes HYO

...I hope you enjoy the stories from the members of our Basic School Class, Alpha 1-80 (TBS A-180). The stories are personal memoirs and not an official history or reflection of Marine Corps policies, either from that period or currently. But they are ours. Enjoy. Semper Fidelis

Juan G. Ayala

Major General (USMC Retired)

One story after the other, I was chained to the book and unable to put it down. I was stoked, dumbfounded, saddened, laughing in hysterics and so immensely proud of the men that had opened their lives and hearts. FY

Another Marine Reporting, Sir' rivals the Marine Corps classics of 'Greenside Out and 'Brown Side Out, ' and a good read among Marine Corps buddies. DD

I thought this was a great read Loved the fact that the stories were quick-paced and not too long. I kept reading and reading, looking forward to the next one. TC

Product Details
ISBN: 9781737124344
ISBN-10: 1737124343
Publisher: Adz Press
Publication Date: October 1st, 2022
Pages: 420
Language: English