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Battle Space of Mind: AI and Cybernetics in Information Warfare (Paperback)

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The Nazi’s never surrendered and planned their 4th Reich using neurocognitive weapons. Going underground their technology made it’s way to S. America, the Soviet Union, the United States, among other places. We all are bound by the new rules of corporate fascism, long planned by Himmler, and his main strategy for a 4th Reich, financial control. Are we all just living in a computer-controlled information battlespace continued from World War II? This book dissects the matrix of control used by advanced military industrial powers; it breaks down the technology bit by bit so you have an understanding how technology is being used in a battle for your mind. I address these issues from a veteran’s insight as a former Signal Intelligence specialist and with some background in the Intelligence Community, I bring forth countermeasures to this control, showing you how you can safeguard your mind from these attacks. Countermeasures that are not available anywhere in the commercial world, yet without them you will be easy prey for these directed targeted pulse modulated attacks first used by the Nazis.

About the Author

Michael Joseph McCarron was a signals intelligence analyst with the US Navy serving on fast-attack submarines and has a background in the Intelligence Community. He is a software engineer by profession with a focus on Cybersecurity, specializing in wetware security—securing one’s biology. His peer reviewed works on Islamic Philosophy have been published in academic presses of America and Iran.

Praise For…

“McCarron took a rubber bullet for your freedom in Quebec” —Greg Flannery, Editor, Cincinatti Citybeat

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ISBN: 9781634244244
ISBN-10: 1634244249
Publisher: Trine Day
Publication Date: August 18th, 2023
Pages: 600
Language: English