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Starting out in the pharma industry: Essential knowledge for life scientists (Paperback)

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Bored of academia? Sick of publish-or-perish and the grant-chasing treadmill?

You've probably thought about building a career in the pharmaceutical industry, only to find a confusing world of unfamiliar terminology, requirements, and job descriptions.

This book explains the many complexities of the pharmaceutical industry: the processes, the expectations, the skills you need to know and the careers you can enter - all laid out in an informative and jargon-free manner. For those who have started or want to start in the pharmaceutical industry, this book is a vital resource.

What does it include?
  • An introduction to the entire drug development and manufacturing process. We examine how a drug goes from chemical entity to a final pharmaceutical; how drug batches are made, checked, and released to the market; we look at the marketing process, pharmacovigilance, and how processes change over time.
  • Industry expectations. We look at the knowledge you should learn during the first few weeks and months, attributes you should be cultivating, and how to work effectively with your manager.
  • Industry skills you need to succeed. We cover skills such as effective communication in all its forms, how to attend and run a meeting; how to organise information, how to cope with the sudden demands on your time and how to plan and execute projects succesfully.
  • Starting and building your pharmaceutical career. We describe the most common entry roles taken by life scientists entering industry and how you can develop your career beyond that initial step.
  • Finally our terminology list helps explain the multitude of pharmaceutical terms which you will come across in your career.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781542559683
ISBN-10: 1542559685
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: January 22nd, 2017
Pages: 124
Language: English