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The Fasting Cure (Paperback)

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In May of 1910, "Cosmopolitan Magazine" published an article by Upton Sinclair regarding his experiences with fasting. That article was subsequently also published by the United Kingdom publication "Contemporary Review" the following month. According to Sinclair no other magazine article had attracted such public attention as this article. As a result of this outpouring of interest "Cosmopolitan Magazine" asked Sinclair to write an additional article, which was then published in the February, 1911 edition of the magazine. "The Fasting Cure" is made up from these two articles, with the addition of some notes and comments, and some portions of articles contributed to the "Physical Culture" magazine. Sinclair writes in his preface to the work that his "object in publishing this book is two-fold: first, to have something to which I can refer people, so that I will not have to answer half a dozen "fasting letters" every day for the rest of my life; and second, in the hope of attracting sufficient attention to the subject to interest some scientific men in making a real investigation of it." This edition of "The Fasting Cure" is presented to the reader as a historical work and no claim is made regarding the validity of the dietary claims made within. Readers should consult their physician before undergoing any diet. This edition is printed on premium acid-free paper.

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Publication Date: July 6th, 2021
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