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Arrivals and Departures (Paperback)

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Cuba. Two brothers, both writers, meet again after a long absence. What follows is a fierce and hilarious fight to determine who has the right to tell the family's story. In the middle of this is a mysterious sister whose needs, like the country she lives in, seem to have been neglected. "Both brothers] are successful writers. And both are, as the play jokes about at the start, whores. The play lays out the compromises artists make in both capitalism and communism and makes no judgment, except to indict them both equally. Sitting as judge and jury is their sister, the woman who stayed behind to keep the house as if a museum ... Cuba's tribulations are but a setting and mechanism for the play's larger question. From the quagmire of the bad intentions of history, who will emerge to tell the true story?" -Enrique Fernandez, The Sun-Sentinel.

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ISBN: 9780881454277
ISBN-10: 0881454273
Publisher: Broadway Play Publishing
Publication Date: January 1st, 2009
Pages: 86
Language: English